The main aim of the fridge is to reduce food waste. 1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry each year, meanwhile 8.4 million people struggle to afford (healthy) food.

We collect food from food retailers that they would otherwise be throwing away. Most of this has gone passed its best before but is still good enough to eat. The contents of the fridge are checked twice a day, but it is ultimately unto the person taking the food to check its ok.

People can also put food in the fridge eg. If you grow your own vegetables or are going away on holiday, as long as its still good enough to eat it can be put in the fridge. Please see list of what can and can’t be put in.

The fridge is there for everyone to use. Opening hours are:

  • Monday - 9.30-5.00
  • Tuesday- 9.30-5.00
  • Wednesday- 9.30-8.00
  • Thursday- 9.30-5.00
  • Friday- 9.30-5.00
  • Sunday-10.00-1.00

Check out our Facebook page for delivery updates when the fridge is open.