Sundays at Cafe Church are quite different! Our hope is to provide something for people who don’t find the ‘usual’ church format very helpful.

Here’s a rough guide so you’ve an idea what to expect.

BREAKFAST: 10.15 - 11am

Soft-play fun for the for the kids (watch out for the flying yellow balls!) while the rest of us enjoy a croissant, toast and a chat with friends. Building genuine friendships in a relaxed and enjoyable environment so important to us. It’s all free.

CAFE CHURCH: 11am - 12noon

At 11am, Tea or Coffee in hand, still seated at our Cafe table, we gather together. A welcome from Laura; a song for the kids to dance to and before long the kids leave the main hall for some fun of their own. Then the adults can begin to relax.


Lara, Liz, Andrea or one someone else from the team will help us slow down a little. Usually we spend a few moments thinking about the challenges we face…an opportunity for quiet prayer and a time to experience peace in our stressful lives. Many people find music and singing a helpful part of Christian Spirituality so we will often be led in a few songs - sometimes by a band and sometimes by video. Singing isn’t everyones cup of tea so it’s fine to just sit quietly while others do their thing.


Most churches have a preacher on a Sunday. We don’t; not usually anyway. We project video onto the big screen, listening to all kinds of new, old, interesting and challenging ideas, and then the learning really begins as we top up the coffee and discuss with the people on our table what we really think about the ideas we just heard in the video. Some people don’t like discussion, so they just relax and listen. Many people say they learn more from the discussion time than they do from any preacher or video. Andy, our Minister, usually chairs the discussion and adds a few thoughts of his own. There is no party line. Nobody is trying to tell you what to think. We just want to learn and grow together.

THE END: 12ish

At the end the kids come back and join us and we’ll have some kind of benediction…maybe a prayer…maybe a song… maybe a reading, and then we will get back to the important business of drinking tea and enjoying time with our friends.

If you are going through a tough time (as we all do at some point in our lives) there is always someone to talk to - Andy, Laura, Andrea or one of the others in the team - all you need to do is ask and we’d love to support you in anyway we can.

Nervous about coming? If you’d like to come but feel a bit nervous why not drop us an email via our contact page. and we will arrange for you to connect with someone before hand so you don’t feel as nervous on the day.